Oct  November 2022
44 123456
Monday, Nov 28, 2022   
Award Winner
Aids Carrier  Goldy (1 infections spread)
Bouncing Bomber  Hey Everybody!!! (2 blue pipe kills)
Cap 1 Master  Alter (7 Caps)
Crowbar Maniac  Goldy (1 murders with crowbar)
Discus of Death  Jux -Z- (6 emp grenade kills)
Fire Man  Hey Everybody!!! (4 roastings)
Ginsu  it's just a game (81 Ginsu Slices)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  Rygod (33 ownings with ac)
Infector General  it's just a game (1 medikit kills)
Longest Death Streak  SmashGamer (18 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  A GOOD ONYO IS A HEAVY ONYO (16 kills)
Longest Play Time  A GOOD ONYO IS A HEAVY ONYO (03:33:53h hours)
Most Deaths  Harry Potter (133 deaths)
Most Improved Player  sgettios737 (2,017 points gained)
Most Kills  Harry Potter (199 kills)
Prince of the Pineapple  Harry Potter (82 grenade kills)
Rain Drops  Hey Everybody!!! (6 kills with mirvgrenade)
Red Dot Special  A GOOD ONYO IS A HEAVY ONYO (110 snipings)
Redneck Special  Goldy (1 shotgun kills)
Rocketeer  Harry Potter (110 kills with rocket)
Super Nails  ok bro (1 super nailgun kills)
Tim "The Toolman" Taylor  KEDY (2 nailgun kills)
Ultimate Redneck  Jux -Z- (32 super shotgun kills)
Unabomber  Hey Everybody!!! (21 pipebomb kills)
Vending Machine  Jux -Z- (1 dispenser kills)
Wannabe HW  A GOOD ONYO IS A HEAVY ONYO (6 autorifle kills)